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Praise for KhanaNirvana Community Café

'Best burrito in Asia'Let's Go travel guide

'Great hang-out place... popular with the ex-pat volunteer crowd. Wonderful views over the plains, with healthy tofu burgers and fresh juices.' - Rough Guide to India

'Good rice dishes in a setting reminiscent of New Mexico'Pico Iyer, in Condé Nast Traveler, November 2003

'A Kyoto beauty sings Japanese lullabies in a Monday-night musical celebration at the Khana Nirvana Café.' - Pico Iyer, in the Financial Times, March 2006

'A fabulous local cafe and hangout... One of the only places you can eat salad... a great place to find out what's going on in Dharamsala...'Review from

Comments from the Web

'Probably the coolest place I've ever been.' - cette fille ici

'There are loads of backpackers in McLeod so its a good place to meet people – especially in cafes such as KhanaNirvana where there are frequent open mic nights, etc.' – From Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Travel forum

'We've been eating EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at KhanaNirvana... Yesterday I had scrambled tofu, my ultimate favorite. If a place serves scrambled tofu, it's a winner in my heart. – Amy's blog

'A restaurant that's quite pleasant and has a terrace where you can sit in the sun a stare out into the valley... KhanaNirvana lives up the name with a burrito that's a) massive, b) made of very tasty ingredients, and c) rather cheap, considering what they could be selling this thing for. This burrito is a heavenly experience. – Wayne's Blog

'Sur la route du temple, à l'ètage. Ambiance mexicaine, rouge brique et bleu, plantes vertes, grandes tables en bois, coin avec des coussins, balcon, jeux de société. Tout est de très bon goût... Carte mexicaine, elle aussi, et végétarienne. Eau filtrée que l'on peut acheter au litre, toujours dans un souci d'éviter les bouteilles. L'autre particularité de ce lieu, et non des moindres, c'est qu'il propose des soirées autour de la cause tibétaine.' - Carnet de voyages

'Ontem, no Khana Nirvana, um bar super-cool aqui, foi noite de open mic, entao teve australiano cantando Bob Dylan, tibetanos cantando musicas tipicas, mimico peruano e mimico nao sei de onde, californiana cantando com irlandes, iraniano tocando Jack Johnson com outro australiano, norte americano pixando Bush, enquanto o outro cantava sobre como ele se apaixonou por uma menina que fingia que era Maria Magdalena, enquanto ele fingia que era um Sasquatch para levantar dinheiro para ir para Los Angeles.' – Dani's blog

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